HBO Turns Online Ads into Online Buzz

Check out how HBO is promoting its new comedy, Flight of the Conchords, on the web. They put the first episode online, chopped it up into bite-sized clips (like the one below), and then made it incredibly easy for everyone to share and post. This is really the model for how to run an online campaign for a new show. Keep it simple.

But I think it’s effective for an unexpected reason. Take me. I had already seen the show, enjoyed it, and was planning on watching it next week. Not exactly the person you’d think HBO would want or need to reach, right? But I saw a banner ad for Conchords on a blog, felt like procrastinating, and clicked on it to see if there were more clips to watch. When I got there I saw the trailer, plus a few highlights from the episode I’d recently watched. The site actually makes it easier to post the clips (important: actual clips, not just promo stuff) on a blog than just email them to a couple of friends. So, why not? I blogged it.

Enjoy the clip…distribution for HBO just got that much better thanks to an existing customer who, until about 20 minutes ago, had no intention of spreading the word. It was just too easy not to.