Back from Getting Hitched

It seems like Steve and I are reemerging at the same time! I am back, after taking three weeks off to get married and relax after getting married. My computer collapsed on me while I was away and it wasn’t until I got back that I was able to get it fixed. And that relieved any pressure I had felt before leaving about blogging, or staying in touch with email so that I wouldn’t have to catch up on the thousands of emails we all get when we stay away.

I have to say, it was fantastic, an idyll. I got married at my parent’s farm in Virginia. (It’s a gentlemen’s farm, only 10 acres, but the old barn and the fields mean it’s enough room for some animals.) My parents moved there in 1976 and its where I grew up, riding horses, raising steers and chickens and even a Thanksgiving turkey once, but we couldn’t handle it after the first time…)

It was wonderful having the folks I care about around for the wedding and we had a great party, with my nephew as DJ and my brother’s band playing the gig.

Then we took off to Tulum, a beautiful area off the Caribbean coast of Mexico near amazing Mayan ruins. We spent our time in a cozy place built by a refugee from corporate life who took off to build his childhood dream: treehouses. It was incredible being up off the beach, among the palm trees, watching the birds swoop by and the summer storms tumble in.

I like nothing more than beach reading, where time is suddenly just a concept. I reread To Kill a Mockingbird, a book about the building of St. Peter’s Basilica, and Les Bienveillantes, a massive French tome that was all the rage in France last yest.

And now, after toting a hammock back to remind me of the adventures of the past few weeks, I am back and happy to see y’all again.

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