BioShock, Surviving the Horror

The beautifully designed first person game from Irrational Games may become the yardstick by which all others are measured

Irrational Games ambitious first person shooter, Bioshock, may turn out to be the evolution of survival horror games. This creepy underwater adventure takes you inside a busted city known as Rapture. Once inside, you must figure out why its inhabitants have been turned into crazed monsters while at the same time figuring out just who in the hell you are. The game appears to be methodically paced, with plenty of unique puzzles to solve and creatures to blow away. There's always multiple ways to solve a given problem, and the developers encourage experimentation. It's also absolutely beautiful, featuring wonderfully designed 1940's-esque rooms and spectacular water effects. It's still too early to know whether Bioshock will be a premier Xbox 360 title (it doesn't come out until 2007), but if Irrational Games has its way, it'll become not only a showpiece for the hardware, but a benchmark by which all first person games shall be judged.

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