How Green is Our Space?

It's Architecture Week in London... This year's theme: sustainability, of course

It’s Architecture Week over in the UK — running til 24 June. Seems like there’s plenty going on, with a really gorgeous looking art installation on London’s South Bank by Jason Bruges, which uses mini wind turbines to generate power, illuminating hundreds of LEDs, creating what Bruges describes as “firefly-like fields of light”.

But it’s not just about the installations. This year’s theme is, of course, sustainability (my, how the green bandwagon keeps on rolling). Subtitled “How Green is Our Space?”, all of the exhibits, talks, shows and events (which are happening all over the country) are intended to get people focusing on issues of climate change and sustainability. Organizers have even set up “Greener Home” surgeries at RIBA, where you can get your own carbon footprint assessed. I’m in NY, so I can’t tell what kind of impact the Week is really having, but it all sounds worthy and inspiring and makes me proud of my motherland. Anyone there? Seen anything good?