Cutting Edge Designers.

If you want to see what’s really hot in design, check out this new series on the Innovation & Design channel on Cutting Edge Designers. It’s by the amazing Jessie Scanlon who says the the freshest, best design usually takes place on the borders of two or more disciplines.

Let me quote a bit of her story:

“In the new book, Sketching User Experience (see, 5/18/07, “Why Products Fail”), Microsoft (MSFT) researcher Bill Buxton also hits the theme of cross-pollination, arguing that the field of industrial design was actually established by people who “transferred skills from established disciplines, and adapted them to the demands of product design.” He cites Walter Dorwin Teague, founder of the eponymous Seattle-based firm, who was trained as a graphic designer, and Raymond Loewy, whose famous Coca-Cola (KO) bottle followed an early career in fashion illustration and window displays. Both men were key figures in the birth of the field.

Then, as now, the most exciting work in design happened at the intersection of two or more disciplines, where knowledge from one finds relevance in another. Many designers might say, quite rightly, that they always work at the nexus of disciplines—synthesizing the demands of engineering, business, and human factors, not to mention style. Yet some designers still push beyond the expectations of their profession, breaking down more boundaries. “

Who are the 10 cutting edge designers? Check out the slide show. They include Martin Wattenberg, Group Manager, IBM Visual Communication, Cameron Sinclair, of Open Architecture Network, John Thackara, director of Doors of Perception and others.