Steve Jobs, Tony Soprano and Investor Expectations

Sopranos creator David Chase had a little lesson for America’s average Joe stock market investors embeddded in last night’s controversial ending to his eight-year Mafia epic. Millions of Americans, yours truly included, were madly and fruitlessly jabbing at their television remotes last night a little after 10 p.m. Turns out, it wasn’t any kind of technical cable television snafu. It was Chase’s puzzling, even maddening, decision to go out with the soundless image of an all-black screen. Did Tony Soprano finally get what was coming to him after all his butchery and betrayals? Nobody knows — or maybe everybody is now entitled to their own interpretation of what happened last. Chase left his portly, foul-mouthed protagonist sitting in a seedy restaurant booth surrounded by his family with a couple of shady-looking characters who might or might not have been hitmen prowling the aisle.

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