Not very Effective

Award shows tend to be interminable. Sadly, last night's Effies (

Sorry, but the Effie Awards (‘effectiveness in advertising’) held in New York last night were a bust. I can’t work out what’s more tragic — the sight of the team from Apple accepting the award for the “Grand Effie” to a sea of empty tables and the reality of no one paying any attention whatsoever, or the fact that everyone in the room seemed more interested in which fancy bar/restaurant they should go to next in order to expense their fancy/fabulous evening. Wafts of speeches announcing that theirs was an industry ‘in turmoil’ passed by unnoticed or at least unheeded and no one seemed in any way perturbed or really that interested. I’m not trying to be all bah humbug, and I did meet some smart people from Leo Burnett (which had shipped in 40 — 40! — people from its Chicago offices) but what were the evening’s organizers trying to achieve? If it was to inspire, enlighten, educate or even entertain, I’m afraid they missed the mark. Award shows tend to be interminable — someone needs to figure out a cool, different or at least interesting way of doing them.

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