Innovation 101: Sgt. Peppers

Here’s a good post from Valeria Maltoni on the 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ Sgt Peppers album. She discusses the album for business lessons: taking risks, trying something new, innovating technically, etc. The result, in addition to great music, was that four people on top of their game actually helped change the way much of the world thinks.

Steve Jobs, for example, mentioned in his talk with Bill Gates at the D Conference, that he sees things in terms of Dylan and Beatles songs. And he quoted an obscure Beatles song, Two of Us, saying: “You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead.” If you consider that the Beatles helped form how Steve Jobs and much of his (and my) generation views life, their influence remains a force.

I checked out some of the other lyrics in that song Jobs quoted. Does this work for Jobs and Gates?

Two of us riding nowhere Spending someone’s Hard earned pay You and me Sunday driving Not arriving On our way back home

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