The Power of Youtube Strikes Again.

The power of youtube is amazing. Yesterday, I blogged on the new Apple iPhone ads from TBWA/Chiat Day. In the original blog item (before I edited it), I mentioned that I thought they were markedly better than a teaser ad done by the agency depicting astronauts landing a new planet, confronted by a giant glowing iPhone screen. The astronauts were amazed at seeing the device surf the net, check e-mail, play music and video and run one of the astronauts vacation pictures. The ad was set to the theme music from “2001: Space Odyssey.”

Trouble is…it wasn’t a TBWA/Chiat Day ad at all. A reader advised me that it was a user generated ad.

Indeed, as I went looking for the new iPhone ads that I hadn’t seen on live TV, and went to Youtube, I came across a variety of user-generated ads. And the product isn’t even on the shelves yet. The 2001 ad, especially as it was viewed on my laptop, had more polish than the others. OAnd I thought it was labeled a real Apple ad. Obviously, it looked good enough to fool me.

Every brand must wake up to this. The more people use youtube to research or browse products and brands, the more apt they are to see something that looks like it might well be an official piece of brand communication, but isn’t. It’s a cool new world.

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