It Started with a Concept

ReacTable -- an interactive interface for creating music.

Best quote in this video (at the bottom of the post) from one of the guys behind German electronic music and visual experimental group, the ReacTable: ‘It started from a concept, not from a technology. We knew what we wanted to build and then we discovered how to build it.’ It’s a timely reminder for us all to think beyond what’s merely possible in order to strive for what’s genuinely desirable.

(Picture credit: Xavier Sivecas.) There’s been a real surge in interest in touch screen technology lately, as everyone waits for the iPhone and as people again tune into the extraordinary work of Jeff Han. The ReacTable is less hyped. It’s an interactive musical interface which allows performers to share control of the instrument by moving objects around on the tabletop. A video camera below the table top tracks the nature, position, and orientation of the objects, converting data into sound.

Two of the guys from the team will be taking part in a panel discussion in New York this weekend, part of The Creators Series. If you can't make it, check out this video -- live demo of the Table from last year's Sonar extravaganza in Barcelona:

There's more at their official YouTube page.

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