Department of Puh-leeze

In an attempt to piggyback on a certain starlet’s notoriety (in a manner nearly as naked as this post’s), min starts hyperventilating about some completely spurious concerns regarding Lindsay Lohan’s career:

Will Lindsay Lohan Ever Be On A Fashion Cover Again?


One wonders if Lindsay can make it back to the big time after her latest attempt at rehabilitation (GQ readers were said to be “obsessed with her even though the April interview was done during her first rehab) with a rap sheet potentially worse than Paris Hilton’s.

Wow. They’re right, you know. The evidence is everywhere. After Kate Moss was caught on video doing a very good impression of snorting coke, she was never on a major magazine cover again, and no major fashion retailer would work with her, and her career totally collapsed, and then … oh, uhm, never mind.

I must confess, though, that the point about GQ is well-taken, since they never, ever put a celeb on the cover who has an extremely casual attitude towards intoxicants … uhm, wait, what did you just say?

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