Comment on Portland Leading Sustainable Growth.

Bob makes good points on my post on Portland. Here they are:

Bob makes good points on my post on Portland. Here they are:

“Although I applaud these initiatives (obviously), I think you’re slightly off the mark in linking them to McDonough and Braungart’s philosophy of “Cradle to Cradle”.

Nau states on their sites that their goals include “low impact” “maximum efficiency”. The same could be said for the water-saving tap. Trees on the other hand don’t have a low impact, they have a positive effect. They’re not eco-efficient (far from it), but “eco-effective”, to put it in McDonoughs words.

So kudos to the people in Portland for stepping up to the plate and trying to reduce their environmental impact, but they’re still doing it through the old “reduce, re-use, recycle” method, they haven’t really adopted the Cradle to Cradle paradigm as far as I can tell.”

Good points, all. I think Portland is building an eco-culture that has many parts, most of them non-McDonough. My sense of Nau is that they are trying to change the way fabrics are made and processed—change the chemistry—to make them more sustainable. Check out the piece done by Heather Green for the I&D channel on Nau.

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