Brits Now Biggest Web Users in Europe

Britain's Web surfers lead Europe in highest average time spent online per month per user, and other categories

The UK's web fans are spending nearly a day and a half online every month - more than internet users in the rest of Europe or the US.

According to an internet activity study by comScore, the UK has the most active online population in Europe, with the highest average number of daily users (21.8 million), the greatest number of days of internet usage per month (21 per user) and the highest average time spent online per month per user (34.4 hours).

The research estimates that on an average day in April this year there were 122 million Europeans age 15 or older online - compared to 114 million in the US.

The average European accessed the internet - from home and work - an average of 16 and a half days in the month, and spent a total of 24 hours viewing 2,662 web pages.

But across Europe there are some wide differences. Germany has the largest online population, 32.6 million people age 15 and older, while the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries have the highest percentage of their populations using the internet. The average Swedish user views 4,019 pages per month - 51 per cent above the European average.

The study also revealed Google is the most popular website in 13 of the 16 countries covered by the study, followed by Microsoft in most countries, with Yahoo! coming third.

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