'Don't Watch, Read, or Listen to the News If You Can't Handle the News'

It strikes me that real estate agents, being in the information business, should not shut themselves off from the flow of information. They should try to vacuum up every scrap of potentially useful information about selling houses, from news to statistics to rumor.

But I guess I don’t really understand real estate, because some actual experts are advising certain real estate agents to do the opposite. Switch off the tube; turn down the radio; fold the newspaper; and don’t go anywhere near those awful blogs. The reason? The news media are carrying discouraging stories about the housing slump, and impressionable agents who pay attention to them will lose their sales gumption.

Here’s an excerpt from the promo for a new podcast by the co-founders of GetMyHomesValue.com, Rory Wilfong, Steve Young, and Dave Conklin:

There are a lot of stories in both trade and consumer publications that seem geared toward sparking debate and nothing else. They will create fear and doubt if you let them. As Rory says, “Don’t watch, read or listen to the news if you can’t handle the news.”

(I guess the same goes if you’re a Yankees fan this season.)

Here are the photogenic podcasters.

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