Let Your Employees "Have It Their Way"

Small business owners across the world will spend thousands of dollars this year to upgrade servers and buy faster computers in the hopes of improving worker productivity and efficiency. More often than not, however, there’s a simpler—and much less expensive—answer out there, since the problem in many companies is not so much with the technology as it is with employees’ ability to access information.

Many business owners overlook how much time is wasted daily by information workers who are struggling to find the data they need to do their jobs. Many workers need access to data within enterprise information systems, but they are not savvy application users and may not be proficient with complex applications, or it is not cost-effective to buy licenses and train them on all the systems they need. For these folks, getting the information they need to do their jobs is a frustrating and time-consuming burden.

You can streamline the process by implementing Web 2.0 tools for the enterprise, allowing your employees to "subscribe" to the information they need and let them define how to access it—for example, via personalized homepages, application mashups, or RSS feeds. The information they access can come from protected applications or from the Web. You’d be surprised how much more productive your employees will be if they can "have it their way."

Shahar Kaminitz CEO WorkLight (formerly Serendipity Technologies) Yakum, Israel (with offices in Boston)

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