Ford Gets A Good One In On Obama

I don’t know if Bill Ford came up with this himself, or he had it written for him. But he scored a nice upper-cut punch against Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama at the annual Mackinac Island conference he spoke at this week.

Ford said he was disappointed in how rough Obama was on the Detroit Big Three when it comes to building fuel efficient vehicles. Obama was highly critical of The Big Three in remarks he made at the Detroit Athletic Club last month.

Ford pointed out in his remarks at the conference that Obama could get better gas mileage in a Ford Five Hundred, Mercury Montego or Ford Freestyle than he is getting in the Canadian-built Chrysler 300 he drives now. Too, the Ford products are built in Obama’s home-town of Chicago.

Good shot Bill!

I have heard this week that Obama has pretty much got the “coolest candidate” thing locked up. And the 300C is definitely a coller ride than the Five Hundred.

Bill Ford has been self-critical of his own company and Detroit in general in terms of innovating more fuel-efficient vehicles. But he clearly didn’t appreciate Obama rolling into his backyard with such a harsh assessment of American car companies when its pretty clear that Congress and and the White House aren’t prepared to do much in terms of leveling the trade playing field with Japanese companies, or do some of the heavy lifting to reform consumer preferences for big cars and SUVs by, for example, imposing gas taxes.

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