Economics and braille keyboards

Very good interview with economist Robert Frank, who explains among other things, why the keypads on drive-though ATMs should have braille dots. (ex Marginal Revolution) The key point in the interview is that we should all learn and understand about six key themes of economics—and not all the other garbage they throw at us. Maybe I’m putting it a bit harshly, but too many details just cloud the issues.

Now, if we extend this simple approach to other complicated domains, what are the six things we should all understand about math? Can we boil them down to six? How about writing?

I’m off to Heather’s wedding. And I just cancelled my $39 per month Starbucks Wi-Fi subscription. So I’ll be scrounging for signal—if I bother to look for it.

By the way, the answer to that braille question: The cost of making braille-free keyboards for places blind people wouldn’t be likely to show up just isn’t worth it. I’m happy to note, though, that my Mac keyboard is free of those vestigial scroll-lock and prnt scrn keys that hung around uselessly for decades.

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