Rotten Apple

Can't Apple design a way to stop me breaking their headphones?

Ok, that’s not entirely fair. I love Apple. Their products make sense and I can use them easily. But here’s my bugbear. For all that everyone raves about what a brilliant piece of design the iPod is, and for all the ads make me think I might look cool if I danced around groovily, the headphones drive me nuts. Where am I meant to put them when I’m not listening? I do what I guess everyone does —wrap them around the player, which (first) completely kills the sleek aesthetic but (second and much worse) means the headphones break on a regular basis. (Spot who had a moment on the subway this morning).

So now I've got sound coming out of one ear because the connection got knocked. Apple implemented a cool way of tidying up the power cord for a computer so that it's out of the way, but why can't there be some system built into the iPod design? I'm probably way behind the argument on this one, but I've been asking around and have mainly met with a resounding 'huh, didn't think of that.' So now I have to go to the Apple store, which is a great retail experience I'm not going to enjoy because I'm forced to go and buy a replacement for something which should still work. And that feels like a waste of time and makes me mad. Ok. Rant over.

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