Increasing Web Site Traffic

Simply building your business’ Web site doesn’t guarantee a steady flow of visitors and users. Following these tips will help make your Web site fresh and engaging, and maximize traffic: •When the paint starts peeling on your house, you get it repainted. The same should apply to your Web site. Start by conducting research to find out what your competition is doing online. You might be able to build on ideas from other sites to give your site a new look. •Involve others. Try Web 2.0 strategies like blogging and social networking to keep your customers interested and engaged. The feedback you will get is invaluable. •If you have a store, make sure your customers can make purchases online. E-commerce can help you find customers outside your local area. The only way you will keep your business open is by gaining new customers. So why not leverage your Web site and have it find them for you? Most of these ideas are really inexpensive to integrate into your site, so it makes sense to try them out. Andy Leff Chief Blogger Philadelphia

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