A tip of the cap to reader Dan Maza who updates us that — a web site that was designed to serve as an exchange where buyers of pre-construction condos could find secondary buyers to whom they could flip the property (in an “orderly fashion”) and a site that I mentioned in this blog in 2005 — joined the Sock Puppet in the great Internet burial ground. Actually, if type in the URL, you are forwarded to a sister site, the Condo Super Store, where buyers can, y’know, INVEST in a condo, not speculate…). The developer of the site, Mark Zilbert, scoffed at the notion that condomania in Florida was a bubble, famously arguing that “bubbles are for bathtubs.”

Zilbert also boasted that Condo Flip could become “the most significant advancement in real estate technology since the Multiple Listing Service concept was introduced for residential resales.” The site even offered a patented “Panic Button” that allowed sellers to drop the price of their unbuilt condo with the click of a button.


In closing the site, Zilbert noted earlier this year that it didn't see reason to continue the service given that there were only sellers and no buyers.

UPDATE 5/31: founder Mark Zilbert posted a comment to this blog item overnight, and so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle, I thought I'd include Zilbert's response here so he gets the last word:

"Let's not forget that the real estate market is, by nature dynamic," writes Zilbert. "When we started in 2004, there was a LOT of buying and reselling of condos. Then, in early 2005 the buying stopped. So, we had to retool our services to match what the market was demanding. Now, we help many of the original speculators get out of their contracts by reselling them at the original cost. That's what's going on in 2007, and that's what we are providing our customers with. We are simply a company that responds to changing market conditions. was not a flop. It simply became a site that didn't meet the needs of the market place anymore."

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