Gift Bag

If you can't help tweak a pal's handicap, at least you can offer a better way to keep score and track those side bets. Here are golf-related gifts for members of your weekend foursome or maybe a particularly good client:

Forget fumbling with pencils and scorecards. You can record the details of every shot--club used, distance--on your handheld using IntelliGolf's Eagle program. Then analyze the game later with companion desktop software. The IntelliGolf program works with Palm devices, Sony Ericsson smartphones, and soon, BlackBerrys ($60,

Ten years after Ben Hogan died, his legend grows. The Ben Hogan Collection, a three-DVD set, provides a tribute to the man considered the greatest ball striker ever. Disc one, a retrospective, has interviews with Jack Nicklaus, Byron Nelson, and others. Discs two and three feature instructor Jim McLean dissecting Hogan's swing ($60,

By Dean Foust

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