If the rest of us used Facebook like the Northlanders...

Kristine Lowe reports that 3% of Norway’s population has a Facebook profile. And some 450 articles about Facebook have popped up in Norwegian media in the last two months. Norwegian journalists are buddying up to sources and politicians on Facebook. It’s a Nordic phenomenon.

Now, clicking around, I see that 2 million Canadians are on Facebook. That’s 10% of Facebook’s membership, up from 5% at the beginning of this year. This post on Facebook’s blog attributes it, in part, to strong growth in Toronto, where big social networks are taking root on Facebook.

I just read in the Journal today about the Facebook co-founder who’s now working for Barack Obama. Maybe it’s time for me to set up a profile. The only thing I worry about is what Jessi Hempel wrote last week. You dally with a service even for 10 minutes, and the relationship lasts forever. She longs for a way to clean out her virtual house.

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