More Insight On Blog Design.

Here is some interesting thought on the blog design discussion, from David Armano, who is into conversation architecture at Logic + Emotion. If you haven’t plugged in, we have launched a new blog, NEXT, that has a new design and it has set off quite a discussion over usefulness, “blogness,” and the whole process of design. Check it out to see Tide-iPods. No kidding.

“Hey guys. Glad to see you are really wrestling with creating a great blog experience. I got some more insight into your discussions from Bruce’s recent post.

If you have not read the book “Don’t Make Me Think” please do so. The author is Steve Krug. The trap that many designers fall into is that they try to break established conventions in the hopes of differenciating and “innovating”. However, conventions are powerful even if they are not ideal. For example Amazon is not a perfect shopping experience, but it has become so pervasive that online shoppers define other online shopping experiences against it. the rule of thumb is that if you are going to break certain conventions, folks shouldn’t feel it.

Blogs (and other Web based social media) are no exception. The only difference is that someone needs to write the “don’t make me think” book on social media experiences. Innovation and conventions are not mutually exclusive despite the fact that some designers think so.”

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