Fake Plastic Bottles

Chair made from recycled plastic bottles

Had a chance to chat briefly with British designer Rich Liddle from Cohda Design at the Haute Green exhibition, a satellite show of ICFF featuring beautiful, sustainable design (review here). His wry sense of humor didn’t detract from his very serious purpose — to tackle the enormous, growing problem of waste in the UK. His RD4 chair (Roughly Drawn) chair is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles via a factory process he developed himself. It’s true cradle to cradle design — he doesn’t mix materials, so the chair itself could be recycled once the owner’s done with it. And it’s surprisingly comfortable. Of course, making a few chairs isn’t going to provide a use for the billions of plastic bottles currently heading towards landfills, but this is an innovative technology and Liddle seems like a smart guy… it’ll be interesting to see what he does next.