Don't Overlook Your Printing Needs

When a new business launches, there are a lot of important decisions to be made. The last thing a new business owner typically thinks about is securing the various graphic and printed products used for communications with other businesses, clients, and potential clients. This is an understandable, but unfortunate oversight, as printed materials, such as business cards, letterhead, brochures, data sheets, etc., are a critical part of establishing a positive brand for your company and should be taken seriously.

When conducting due diligence for sourcing your graphic materials, automation is a key issue to keep in mind. That’s because many companies find themselves wanting to communicate to clients or potential customers via mail and as a result send out a large number of individualized flyers that all need to be personally addressed to unique recipients. This can obviously be very costly and time consuming. However, if you select a printing company with an automated system in place to handle such a job, the mailers can be ordered online, printed, and delivered to meet your individual needs with no inventory or the need to create a store room.

Selecting a printing company that is nimble, accessible, and technologically specialized can typically save a new company hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost over other alternatives.

Jeff Alexander Founder, President, CEO Alexander’s Print Advantage Lindon, Utah

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