Solar-Powered Phones: The Next Razr for Motorola?

Motorola just received a patent for a solar-charging cell-phone screen. I believe a solar-powered phone could be a blockbuster, the next big product for Motorola.

Recently, Motorola unveiled a new line-up of phones, including a next-generation Razr with a larger outside screen, a steel frame and some new capabilities. These changes are supposed to encourage consumers to pay several hundred dollars for the device. Frankly, I am not buying. But I would gladly pay Motorola a lot more for a phone that can self-charge, no doubt about it.

Motorola just received a patent for a technology that will allow cell phones to recharge via solar cells embedded into a phone’s Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen. When used in phones’ external screens, or as part of their touch screens, this technology can, potentially, eliminate the need for pesky chargers. Considering that a car charger costs around $30, and I constantly lose it, I would be willing to pay a lot more for a solar-powered phone. I think a lot of people would; perhaps such a phone could be the next big product for Motorola — the next Razr.

Of course, people would need to change the way they carry their phones for this to work. Today, I just drop the phone into my purse. To charge up my solar-powered phone, I’d probably need to carry it in my hand, or in my bag’s special external, clear pocket. Still, I’d be willing to change my ways just to get rid of all the wires.

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