Relative clout: BW vs. TechCrunch

I thought BW had clout, but Michael Arrington at TechCrunch appears to have a level of influence I have never seen at the magazine. He has made CEOs cry merely by turning them away.

More than once I’ve had a CEO break down and cry on the phone when we said we weren’t covering them. And more than once, I folded and wrote about them after those conversations.

Now maybe it’s that the CEOs I’ve dealt with, in places like Pittsburgh and Stockholm, are made of sterner stuff. More likely, in the current Valley craze that Arrington decries, entrepreneurs view TechCrunch as a gatekeeper. Not a bad niche for a blog. But I think Arrington’s disclosure is going to alter the dynamics of tech promotion in the Valley. If Arrington plays hard to get, entrepreneurs will learn, start sniffling.

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