Microsoft Buys Avenue A/Razorfish: West Coast Meets East Coast.

We are seeing a big integration of tech and media, West Coast and East Coast, search and advertising. Microsoft’s buy of aQuantive inc. (which owns New York-based Avenue A/Razorfish) for $6 billion is just the latest of these deals. Google recently bought New York-based Double-Click. Yes, the WPP purchase of New York-based 24/7Real Media doesn’t quite fit but you get the idea. Online ad agencies are very hot.

For decades, a real divide existed. California meant tech. New York meant advertising and media. Now that search is dominating tech, we’re seeing a coming together of the two.

Then there is finance—which is big on both coasts. Which firms on which coast are doing these deals?

I don’t know what the mega-consequences of that are and could use your help in analyzing the trend.

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