Googlers Have Tastier Food, Fatter Portfolios....and Better Toilets?

For anyone who finds the perks offered to Googlers both incredible (great food!) and a little bizarre (onsite laundry means washing your underwear with co-workers) will find this pretty funny. Laughs aside, the post is also a view into the struggles companies face—especially those competing with the “best company to work for,” according to Fortune—in attracting top-notch talent. I’m hardly the type of employee Google is trying to lure (I’m still learning how to use the HTML button in my blog software), but the post, by Scott Heiferman, the CEO of Meetup, the community-building site that became well-known during the 2004 Howard Dean presidential campaign, also made me think. I couldn’t help but sense some mild repulsion in looking at Google’s on-site haircuts and laundry. Who wants to spend that much time at work? When does a strong culture turn cultish?

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