Why Global Execs Think HP is Innovative.

HP is out with great second quarter financial results. Much of the coverage has been about cost-cutting. Global managers believe that innovation and design play key roles in HP’s success.

Here is what corporate managers around the world said on the BW/BCG survey of Most Innovative Companies in the World:

“Design and niche vehicles

Ink jet technology for printers

Consumer friendly products, suiting the pocket size (purchase power)

like the commercials

Great products.

Again leading edge technologies

Actively working with diversity to get new innovative thinking into company culture.

Balance commodity product portfolio with research into new products and enhanced products. Combine that with supply chain operations.

New products

They are a reliable provider of hardware

They are coming back with a vengeance with nwe, better products.

commited to low cost manufacturing

Nearly 30 year in the printer business and getting better everyday.

Great photo printers and full line of tchnology including MRI machines operating

The amount of patents they produce is amazing

Constant innovative new technologies

They are making great strides - esp. after the rough times earlier in the year. They have bounced back nicely

Innovation is a tradition with them.

Providing cost effective and competitive products

keeps trying

at the leading edge of high end microprocessor adoption


Still generates buzz, especially on the Printers side.”

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