When to Quit

Author Seth Godin stopped by this week to talk about his new book on the dip. That’s the stage where most folks drop out of the race. Get through rough patch and you might just make it to the top. The rest get stuck in what Godin calls a cul de sac (cute: it’s French for “dead end”).

The book is short enough to read over lunch and still have time for a run to mull over a few of the nuggets. My favorite: the notion that the school system is failing kids by encouraging them to be well rounded instead of masters at one thing. Better to have one A+ and a bunch of Cs than a handful of As and Bs.

Try telling that to a college admissions officer. And, in my experience, people who obsess with winning in one area often want to win in everything else. But Godin is onto something. Check out his Video View, under “Book Views”.

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