Welcome to Management IQ

Welcome to Management IQ. In our coverage of management trends, workplace issues and executive talent, we noticed something missing: a concise and timely blog to get what you need to know to become a leader in business.

Who are the most insightful gurus? Which books are worth looking at, and which are just rehashing ideas that have long since become stale? What do leaders have to say about the trends in their industries and their own philosophies of success? Who are the people to watch? Which trends are fads you can ignore versus innovations you need to understand?

We want to focus on the ideas, trends, and insights that will help you become smarter at work—smarter about your career, your industry and what’s going on in the business world. We’ll talk to CEOs, managers, academics, consumers, top-notch consultants and readers. We’ll download the best from our notebooks, cutting through the jargon and rhetoric of management thought to offer you only the most compelling ideas. We’ll link to the best blogs, research and stories on managing your business, your career and your team, weighing in on why they matter. And we’ll step back and comment on the day’s news, hopefully sparking conversation about the lessons to be drawn from the latest CEO shuffle, management gaffe, or workplace trend.

In today’s time-crunched world, nobody wants to constantly hunt for the stuff they really need to know. We want you to find it here. Tell us what you’re thinking about.

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