I heart my chair

Check out this art project created by the Sense Network. Jeremy Brown runs Sense Worldwide, an innovation strategy and research firm out of London that curates a network of more than 1500 “sensers” or people around the world. Mostly, he relies on the sensers for commerical work - research projects in which they fill out workbooks, keep journals, get together for workshops, etc for clients like Nokia, MTV Networks and Reuters. Sensers are compensated generally. But beyond commercial work, one important reason why they remain in the network is a sense of community and curiosity. That’s fed by projects like “I heart my chair” in which Jeremy asked folks to send in their favorite chairs with descriptions for why. “Chairs are fundamental to any discussion of design,” he explains. “But they’re also really useful. People use them and love them.” So he asked folks to send in photos of their favorites and he compiled a book.

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