Motorola's New RAZR2

Motorola has launched a new slew up updated cell phones and boy, are they snazzy. They hit the market in July, a month after the Apple touch-screen iPhone goes on sale. I’m a big fan of Motorola since the days when I loved my StarTac and wish the company well in this launch.

But Motorola’s CEO Ed Zander—a man who deeply understands what design and innovation is all about—needs to go beyond fashion to experience to bring back the brand after the recent drop in profits and market share.

Bottom line, the RAZR2 has to deliver a better consumer experience than the miserable consumer experience of the original RAZR. It just has to do that. I think Motorola still has the loyalty of most of its customers, even those many feel cheated and angered by their experience with RAZR. They probably will give Motorola another chance—but only one. RAZR2 has to have a better user interface built on a more up-to-date software platform.

From what I read, it may. Fashion can catch your eye, but you have to deliver the experience.

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