d.School Rocks...literally

d.School student Gus Bitdinger rocks the campus with his design-thinking ditty. No, really.

I haven’t had the chance to sit in on a class at Stanford’s Hassno Plattner Institute of Design, known to fans as the d.School, but student Gus Bitdinger summarizes a spring seminar on innovation in this six-minute ditty:

Taught by Bob Sutton and Michael Dearing, the course was a joint venture with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. Bob gives a bit of background on the class here.

We wrote about the d.School in last fall’s special report on education programs that train innovators, The Talent Hunt. Courses bring faculty members from different departments together to coach teams of students who use design thinking to approach messy, complex problems. The result: t-shaped people, those polymaths in great demand who have sophisticated expertise in one area, knowledge across many fields, and an ability to work collaboratively.