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Welcome. If you’ve spent any time on Innovation & Design, you know just how eclectic this topic can be. On the channel, we curate a conversation that includes ethnographic research and product development, the hunt for innovation talent and also new business models for the nonprofit sector. We feature the best and the brightest talents along with the newest and freshest topics of discussion from the worlds of architecture, gaming, branding, auto design and much, much more.

So what’s the common thread? Each of these stories explores what comes next, and how we figure it out. This is about new tools for creativity and collaboration, innovation case studies in both the corporate and social sectors, and the new ideas that have the power to change the way things have always been done.

Here’s where those stories begin. Each day, we will shake out the contents of our brains and see what falls out. We’ll bring you links to (and analysis of) the tools, models and ideas that matter. We’ll give you the back story on interviews, the follow-up on previously published stories, and a steady stream of the influences that inspire us in our quest to determine which influences matter most and how they will shape our evolving world. And we’ll ask for your help in extrapolating the common themes from seemingly disconnected ideas. Together, we’ll design a map for innovation and design, and work out what comes next….

This is a conversation, not a monologue. Jump in.

Jessi Hempel and Helen Walters

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