We're Live—With Insights You Can Use!

In the past, I must confess, I've occasionally used rivals' Web sites to research the performance of companies or check their filings. BusinessWeek had an entry in this category, but it wasn't state-of-the-art. As of this week, no more!

I can say with confidence that BusinessWeek.com's new Company Insight Center is the most useful company resource on the subscription-free Web. It matches or beats the best features of competing sites and introduces a vast array of additional information, insights, and capabilities that is simply spectacular—and entirely proprietary. The new Companies Channel is so comprehensive that it nearly quadrupled the number of pages on BusinessWeek.com when it went live in a beta version on May 2.

It's easy to compare, and I invite you to do so. Does the site you use for investment research provide detailed information on 42,000 public companies and 320,000 private companies globally? Does it show a company's listing on all major stock exchanges worldwide? Does it let you chart performance against key articles written about the company? Does it show intersecting relationships among executives across public, private, and nonprofit board activities? Ours does.

A guide to this latest BusinessWeek innovation is on pages 62-64. It's no accident that it immediately follows our third annual list of the 25 Most Innovative Companies. The innovation rankings for those companies are noted on their Company Insight pages, as are their showings in other BusinessWeek rankings.

You'll find the Company Insight Center at investing.businessweek.com. Or go to businessweek.com and type any company's ticker symbol into the stock quotes box. That will take you to the opening "snapshot" page for the company. Please let us know what you think by e-mailing us at bwfeedback@businessweek.com. We'll make changes to reflect your needs as quickly as we can. That's the beauty of the Web.

By Stephen J. Adler, Editor-in-Chief

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