Slide May be Biggest Widget Co, but with 100 Million Daily Widgets RockYou is No Slouch

Heather Green

With 150 million daily slide shows served, Slide is claiming to be the biggest widget company. Impressive numbers, but I was speaking with RockYou yesterday and they say that they're serving 100 million widgets a day. Of course, as folks start claiming big numbers, we're going to need outside ways of verifying them.

Slide show's are one part of what the RockYou serves up. It's all about glitter encrusted little widgets for things like horoscopes, voicemail, and notes. The company was started on co-founder Jia Shen's own Web server in November 2005 for $80 a month doing slideshows for MySpace.

The company had plenty of distractions last year as it went through a lawsuit with the company founders' former employers. But after settling that, they settled into building out the company, creating new tools, and signing up partners such as Beebo and Friendster in an effort to wean themselves off of being dependant on MySpace. Jia says that now less than 50% of their traffic is from MySpace.

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