Stop the Work Pile-Up

In many small businesses, clutter is as much of an office fixture as desks and computers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. To stop work pile-up, start by discarding old magazines, books, and articles. The information is probably stale by now anyway. Also be sure to maintain a list of sources (actual and potential) by topic. If you need the information again, you can contact your source and get updated information. Minimize duplicates of documents. Keep the original in a plastic sleeve to prevent damage and one copy on hand for easy circulation. Keep files current. Retain only the final version of letters and proposals. After all, the old versions primarily contained material you decided not to use! Streamline supplies. Get rid of bulky, space-taking supplies you don’t use. Post a list of basic supplies on the inside drawer or cabinet door to remind you of what you do need.

Ken Yancey CEO SCORE Washington, D.C.

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