business Adds Music Videos

Heather Green is adding video clips to it popular social music service. It's starting with content from indie labels, including Warp, Atlantic and Mute, that lets its 20 million monthly visitors create personalised video channels filtered according to their music taste. And it expects to have EMI and Warner onboard in the next couple of weeks. Basically any of its partners will be able to upload video clips, although subscribers can't upload at will a la YouTube. That's a hat tip to the copyright issues that YouTube is going through. Martin Stiksel said he sees having streaming music videos as a something that's missing from YouTube.

Having secured partnerships with EMI, Warner and over 20,000 independent labels – and in negotiation with Universal and Sony Music Group - will soon be able to offer its users personalised channels from the largest legal catalogue of music videos on the web. The quality of videos on will be significantly higher than that of YouTube, with audio encoded at 128kbps compared to YouTube’s 64kbps.

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