Ensuring Data Security

Today’s big businesses all feature some of the most advanced data protection software money can buy, often multiple solutions. But as recent events reveal, passwords are and always will be prone to hacking.

For small businesses, where even the most minute loss of data can be crippling, simply having password protection is not enough. All it takes is one small leak or unauthorized user, and an entire infrastructure could collapse.

Instead, the answer lies with fingerprints. Biometric fingerprint technology is not only becoming more affordable but the core features are more user-friendly and intelligent. With this protection, the odds of anyone other than authorized users accessing any part of your network are next to nil.

Securing all computers, laptops, servers, and even applications with fingerprint readers is one of the wisest investments for a small business to make. These days, the technology even holds other uses, such as employee tracking and clock-in/clock-out.

A key feature to look for in fingerprint readers is radio frequency swipe sensor technology to go beyond the surface level to the corium in order to avoid skin damage, dirt, dry fingers, or other unfavorable conditions. Secure PC logon, local data file encryption, password management, application launch protection, and screen-saver lock are all vital features to look for in a multi-functional fingerprint software suite.

A. Mizan Rahman Founder, CEO & Chief Software Architect M2SYS Technology-Accelerated Biometrics

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