Why Global Managers Think GE Is Innovative.

Bruce Nussbaum

General Electric moved up two notches in the BW/BCG annual survey of The World's Most Innovative Companies, jumping to No. 4 in '07 from No. 6 in '06. GE is a conglomerate, a collection of many types of business operations. How it innovates is therefore extremely important to the entire economy. Under Jeff Immelt, GE has embarked on a huge culture shift. Building on its traditional Six Sigma, efficiency culture, GE is striving to creative a new innovative culture under the banner of "eco-imagination." That terms also reflects the shift in its portfolio of businesses to emphasis green technology (wind, solar).

Here are the first 50 responses to the survey, explaining why top managers around the globe believe GE is innovative.

"Excellence in manufacturing

conglomerate that has moved in clean energy direction, although not satisfied they have not completely addressed their environmental problems from the past.

I belive they are very Innovative based on their diversity of businesses.

Competitive; targeting new markets and developing new products for "green" revolution.

continued drive to be the best in the segments they operate in

Innovative in many fields and generates noteworthy leaders
constant growth and investment in R&D

Innovation is the major drive in their core business and they derive from it products and services that are profitable and does good to the public

Impressed with commitment to "green" product development

GE conveys a genuine committment to eco-friendly technologies and innovation.

"Jack Welch initiatives
Business success"

It's diversified, and keeps re-inventing itself

"First that comes to mind... imagination advertisement
Also, large conglomerate"

Long history

branch out and reach out to green technologies

The ability to constantly reinvent and improve even against the inertia of size and diversity of products

They have so many different niches that they can drive inovation in a number of industries, from electrical to financial.

first to come to mind that spends significant amounts of money on innovation

Emphasis is placed on "newer & better" products.

COnsistently good profits based on innovation.

So vast as to its resources and what it doesn't create it buys

Global Presence and wide variety of products

Consistently striving to be the top player in each industry it is in.

They realize to stay ahead, they have to think ahead.

Advances in energy

Try to look and target what the future will be like. Sound hold the course management

The way they've weaved their Ecoimagination campaign into every business unit.

A very large company staying on top in many divers industries.

they seem to always be evolving and improving

GE = Innovation in my opinion

Marketing and products

The systems and processes make it forward focused rather than protecting the past.

Look at GE's products and services. For several decades, GE leads the market with its everchanging products and services.

Ability to reinvent itself by focusing the portfolio in new areas.

Only way to explain their long-term success is their use of innovation across a broad spectrum

GE continues to evolve and move into and out of nonperforming businesses.

top competitor in all fields they participate in.

Well run and very quick to change and evolve

So much under one roof

business mix, management style and depth

Diversified business model,resilient

Always pressing 1 or 2... intense desire to lead

They continually reinvent there business & business model.

New Environmental Initiative

Huge R&D efforts every year. Innovation in otherwise mature products such as Locomotives, Medical Imaging, Green Energy

constantly reinventing itself

Diversity of solutions & industries

Brand advertising

From its approach to how it develops its management team to the array of products and services it provides, this company has a focus on staying on the leading edge and fresh ideas.

"Innovative in products, financial strategy, and management process.


A large company that acts like a growth company with new ideas."

Notice how many times the word "innovative" is actually used. How many times people refer to GE's ability to reinvent itself. While top global managers talk about Microsoft in terms of new products, they talk about GE in terms of its culture. Ditto for Apple.

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