Blog Mania--How To Do A Really Great Blog.

Bruce Nussbaum

Blog conferences are proliferating and I think it's because people are discovering that blogging--blogging with a purpose-- is harder than it appears. This is a lesson that I'm discovering as I meander into the blogopshere. If you want to influence an audience, you actually have to know how.

And there is no better teacher of these skills than David Armano over at Logic + Emotion. David is talking this Saturday at SOBCon07 (who makes this stuff up?) about taking blogs to the next level.

This is what they're gonna do off the site. It's a list you might want to keep because it hits most of the key points of what you need to know to blog well.

"The SOBCon Next Level Quest

Together we will strategize, discuss, and learn how to

Respect that in business and blogging all things are based in connecting relationships

Treat our blogs like a business, or a business-like hobby

Define a vision for our blogs that inspires others to be part of it

Identify like-minded bloggers whose blogging goals match our own

Evaluate our blogs through the eyes of a first-time reader

Use links, trackbacks, and comments to lead to increased participation, and extended reach that could develop into business ventures

Ensure presentation, navigation and all reader experiences are intuitive, simple and elegant

Know our brand values as readers define them and be able to articulate the unique and remarkable values we offer

Understand basic tools that are useful in adding video, podcasting, social media, and voice commenting

Reach out beyond the blogosphere to non-blogging readers to become a resource they rely on

Recognize the traits and characteristics of a successful and outstanding blog"

For me, the "4 C's" that Armano blogged about a while back are key--Community, Content, Consistency and Clarity. I would also add "Color" by which I mean illustration/photos/visualizations. This is becoming critical.

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