Why Global Execs Think Microsoft Is Innovative.

Bruce Nussbaum

Microsoft was No. 5 in the BW/BCG annual survey of The World's Most Innovative Companies--again. It was fifth in 06 as well. Why? Truth is, nothing irritates most Silicon Valley folks more than seeing Microsoft hit the most innovative company list year after year. They ask, what is innovative about Microsoft?

Well, here are the first 50 responses from around the world to the BW/BCG survey on why Microsoft is so innovative. They tend to focus on Microsoft's ability to continually launch new products and adapt to new markets. Notice, the responses on Apple used "innovation" a lot. For Microsoft, "new products" was the ticket. Do senior managers think Microsoft's success is due to being a Fast Follower? Judge for yourself.

"Always have new and easy ways of getting things done

New Product looks a lot

Always coming up the next great software to make my work easier and faster to complete

They continue to reinvent their products and services.

It seems to be one step ahead of everything.

Dispite the negative press they are way ahead of the curve in SW development.

Always improving and expanding their product offerings

Leader in launching new products

Always launching new products while becoming an established corporation.

Microsoft in many ways have led the field using their innovations and desire to take the industry firward. The shear magnitude of the software industry in terms of financial and the impact that industry has on our daily lives, the Misrosoft, by opening u
need to continue growth

Constant updates, attempts at proactive customer /user needs satisfaction, regular and mainly effective product improvement

Invented something different ...
everybody uses it.

Always produces new products quickly

Integration of operating system and business Office products lend to reliable communication

Consistent driver

Despite the conventional wisdom, MSFT is still the world leader on OS

They continue to better their product year after year

They are still the best at developing forward-looking software platforms and working with partners to develop applications.

They pretty much run the world with thier technology and are always finding ways to make more money for themselves by making new programs or copying other peoples.

Idea generation is built into their culture. They continue to lead the way.
innovations in software

International recognition for leading edge products
consistency w/ newest technology

Good Company

It constantly innovates.

Bill Gates and team have taken technology and out dependence on it to a new dimension.

due to their Excel

Always innovating and bringing new products/services to market

Cutting edge of Technology

They are always coming up with new products and new ways to integrate their products into other ones.

Always one step ahead of everyone else

Their track record of leaning forward

New products in new fields

They continue to do amazing work, now in the shadow of Internet darlings. The new Office in particular is incredible. How do you improve a productivy app used by millions? They chucked the old UI and made a great product even better. (Full disclosure-
They have a hardware representation in almost every known industry
because of their vision of a global market and being a world leader in IT

Always looking to improve not stay the same

Innovation in the software industry

Continued Innovation

Largest software firm with 80% of opreating systems for computers
hiring/charitable work

constantly improving their product

They are always focused on the next level of IT technology

Very Profitable, incorporates the best ideas from anywhere

Because of all of the inovations

Common in news and leader in software
new products

Who can do it better ??"

So....Do you agree with them?

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