Choosing the Right Video Security System

When choosing a video security system, too often parts from multiple manufacturers are pieced together, and the system ultimately provides limited functionality. To get the most for your money, look for a complete system that includes cameras, powerful PC software, and Internet-connected online services. Complete solutions offer end-to-end integrated features that seamlessly provide:

• IP-based digital cameras for end-to-end digital connectivity. • Simultaneous viewing of live video, recorded search and playback, as well as remote live viewing. Too many digital solutions limit you to single camera functionality on these features. • Digital motion detection and recording: Record only when motion is happening, and save the video to the directory and hard drive of your choice. • Active alerts that allow you to receive notification via e-mail or cell phone when motion is detected through a text message or an e-mailed clip of the actual video event. • Easy set up and administration. You don’t have to rely on the traditional "experts" to install and mange your video surveillance system. • Remote viewing so you can check in and watch video remotely from a Web browser or even from a cell phone.

Staying connected to your system via e-mail, text, and live viewing from anywhere in the world at anytime are valuable step towards obtaining peace of mind.

Evan Tree President WiLife Salt Lake City

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