A New Look at Video Surveillance

Peace of mind can be elusive in today’s business environment. Whether you own a convenience store, a software company, or a restaurant, odds are good that you have considered installing a video surveillance system at one time or another to help make that objective a reality.

Video surveillance has several practical uses, such as keeping an eye on the cash register, making sure employees are staying on task, watching for deliveries, and monitoring customer interactions.

On a grander scale, video surveillance can help with: • Avoiding frivolous lawsuits • Ensuring customer and employee safety • Preventing employee and outsider theft • Evaluating customer service • Providing insurance benefits • Checking in while away

The high cost and complexity of traditional security systems is a common stumbling block, but recent advances in IP (Internet Protocol) digital video security systems have lowered the cost and tremendously raised the user-friendliness of video surveillance.

Evan Tree President WiLife Salt Lake City

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