Using a Virtual Phone Number to Manage a Mobile Team

Dropped calls or spotty connections on mobile phones are no longer a problem when conducting business. The concept of a mobile workforce is respected and accepted. And now, reaching someone on their mobile phone is considered the most direct way of getting ahold of them. Nowhere is this more obvious and helpful than in a mobile salesforce team.

From an organizational perspective, it’s not practical to give out the mobile-phone numbers of each team member to every prospective or current customer. It’s better to have a virtual phone number that can be configured so each selection from the auto attendant gets forwarded to the appropriate team member. Having a virtual phone number can also come in handy should a team member switch their mobile-phone number or leave the company. In order to make the change, simply update the forwarding information on the virtual phone number’s auto attendant, and the caller can reach the appropriate number without any inconvenience.

Harprit Singh CEO Intellicomm Philadelphia

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