Advertisers on Rupert's Dow Jones/News Corp deal

Burt Helm

As part of our ongoing coverage, I wanted to find out what advertisers think of News Corp's proposed Dow Jones Company acquisition.

The consensus seems to be the same: ad buyers are enticed by what could become some of the best one-stop shopping on Madison Avenue (or, technically, 6th avenue). But they're also not holding their breath that News Corp have the will or the ability to unify their many ad sales staffs any time soon.

When I spoke with MindShare Chicago's Maggie Knoll yesterday, she told me she had mixed feelings. She buys print ads for clients like BP. With access to over 170 newspapers, highly-rated TV stations, a newswire, MySpace, and the 2nd biggest paper in the country, she said News Corp/Dow Jones "could present us with a unique opportunity in terms of reach. But will they bring us custom packages? or decide each entity is strong enough on its own?" Plus, she said, "You worry if they will maintain the journalistic integrity of the Wall Street Journal. Murdoch has made his own changes with other properties in the past." Pam Zucker, who looks at cross-platform deals for the likes of UBS and Capital One over at MediaVest, said she thought it would take "at least 18 months" for News Corp to actually start offering real advantages. Zucker said she thinks News Corp has done a better job approaching marketers with a unified offering than some of the other media companies. Still, she says "I don't know if this is going to work or not work. There are major barriers."

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