Home Solutions Is Rebuilding After A Storm

Home Solutions of America (HSOA ) (HSOA), a provider of recovery and rebuilding services when houses or offices have been damaged by flood, fire, or other calamities, acts like a first responder. States and insurers hire Home

Solutions for such work. On Apr. 9 it was selected for a $13.7 million New Orleans infrastructure project, including rebuilding school playgrounds, sidewalks in the French Quarter, and the Orleans Parish sheriff's office. "HSOA has a large number of backlog orders, and it expects 25% of 2007 revenues to come from New Orleans," says Bert Francis of Missouri Valley Partners, which owns 910,000 shares. The stock dropped from 7 on Feb. 5 to 4.83 on Apr. 18 because of delays in contract payments and heavy short-selling. The bears fear that stiff competition and funding problems will make HSOA run short of money. But Francis isn't worried: "HSOA missed its estimates in 2006, but we expect a recovery in 2007." Francis sees HSOA rising to 8.25 in a year. David Yuschak of Sanders Morris Harris (it did banking for HSOA) rates it a buy and forecasts profits of 61 cents a share in 2007 on sales of $218 million and 79 cents in 2008 on $273 million, up from 39 cents in 2006 on $127 million. He expects the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast will finally get funding from the government and insurers.

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By Gene G. Marcial

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