Breakthrough: Offshoring for Home PC Users

Steve Hamm

Up until now, almost all offshore IT services have been aimed at large corporations in the US and Europe. Sure some Silicon Valley startups tap into Indian talent for coding jobs. But I've seen very little in the way of offerings for small businesses much less home PC users. Well, that's beginning to change. I just learned about iYogi, a startup based in Gurgaon, near Delhi, that provides tech support via phone and Internet for consumers and small businesses globally. At $9.99 per incident, the price is much better than typical services offered by your local PC shop. The service also eliminates the headache of calling you PC maker only to be ping-ponged to Microsoft or some other supplier. iYogi handles your problems no matter what machine or software is afflicted. At last, the benefits of off-shore talent and scalable services are trickling down to the consuming masses. I would imagine that iYogi's biggest challenge is marketing. They just landed a $3.1 million investment from Canaan Partners and SVB Financial Group, which should help out with that.

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